Facilitation that empowers, inspires and assists you in your expansion.

  • I provide training for people who want to become Reiki Practitioners, and Master Teachers.
  • I devise, deliver and facilitate mini workshops for my monthly woman’s group.
  • I also guide, assist and support people with the help of the Angelic Realm, by being a conduit for the Angelic messages to come through.
  • I use my expertise in my Spiritual/life Coaching to bring clarity, understanding and insightfulness to their current situation.
  • I create monthly Video Blogs to inspire, motivate and enthuse and I create products, cards, inspirational and creative writings when guided to.

Do you feel unhappy with the way your life is going and feel unable to do anything about it?

On a personal level I derive a great deal of fulfilment and satisfaction from the work that I do with people in helping them along their journey; helping to facilitate a change for the better, where the client has more clarity, insight and is empowered to make the changes needed to move forward. Most importantly, as a result of the work that they do with me, their heart begins to open further, thus bringing more love, compassion and peace in their life.

Clients often report that having worked with me for a period, they were able to remove blockages and counter-productive thinking and behaviour that no longer served them. These blockages had been preventing them from moving forward and achieving a more positive and joyful life. All clients receive a Personal Development Plan of each session, which they can use to keep track of their progress and utilise in future challenging situations.

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"In essence, I think you are great at helping me hear from/listen to my inner guidance.  I’m increasingly coming to see my heart, soul, spiritual guides/angels as part of the wider ‘I’ and through the sessions I have with you I feel I am better able to access those parts of myself.

You have also really helped me on my on-going journey of spiritual development.  You’ve done that both by providing great insights when I’ve needed them and also creating the conditions for me to have my own insights, which is a tremendously powerful thing."

- Stuart | London, England

Do you feel uninspired, unclear and unable to manifest your desires?

Many of my competitors utilise one therapeutic intervention or strategy to help their client work on whatever issues they present with. Whereas I use a range of therapeutic techniques, strategies and interventions suited to each individual client. The bespoke package therefore is used to help the client let go and release, (unproductive thoughts, behaviours and beliefs) and shift that which is no longer serving them. Thus, allowing them to move forward on their journey. This entire process serves to help them to open their hearts so that they are able to access the wisdom, truth and guidance that aligns them to their soul’s purpose.

Clients often feed back to me that they find that the Personal Development Plan are extremely helpful for their continued progress. They also advise me that it is the first time that they have ever had such a written document from a therapist.

"Your excellent ability to write about esoteric/complex subjects for others to be able to understand and be inspired by."

Work with Theresa

Using many different tools I help you tap into the whole reservoir of wisdom, truth and guidance within you so that you can access it yourself as and when necessary. My work includes:

- Reiki Training
- Workshops
- Conduit for Angelic Messages
- Spiritual Life Coaching
- Personal Development Plans
- Group Sessions
- Individual Sessions
- Monthly Mentoring Sessions

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