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Ancient Secrets

Ancient Secrets for Healing

Where relevant, Theresa incorporates the philosophy and understanding of powerful ‘Healing KEYS’, the 2,500-year-old Ancient Secrets and Wisdom of Siddha-Veda. The six keys consist of: Lifestyle – Home Remedies – Marmaa Shakti Technology – Diet – Herbal Formulas (for Herbal Formulas, you will be referred to a qualified pulse reader) – Panchakarma(referral based also).
All the Energy Based Interventions described here, work well in conjunction with conventional medical treatment.

“Accessing the vast array and beautiful tools, techniques, and strategies from the different Energy-Based Interventions on offer, allows Theresa to create bespoke sessions that are unique to each client.”

Luminous Light Meditation & Healing

Beyond time and space, this healing is a channelled heart-centred meditation, whilst you receive a deep multi-layered, multi-dimensional energy healing, specifically for your needs. In other words, the healing that one receives is specific for each person because you hold your own original print, that needs viewing before we can do the more intense and deeper work.   

This form of energy based-intervention was gifted to me, whilst deep in my own heart- centred meditation that I have been dedicated, and disciplined in practising daily over many years, and particularly during the period that the pandemic surfaced.  Working with this luscious luminous light, and discovering its many facets, dimensions, and levels that reach areas which are still being revealed to me to this day, has been a delight.
Ancient Secrets
Having had the opportunity to work with those experiencing a wide variety of discomfort, dis-ease and disharmony, has given me enough proof that this type of energy intervention is incredibly effective in helping clients to gain more comfort and inner peace.

Luminous Light Meditation & Healing promotes a deep and profound level of healing suitable for all ages and conditions.  Anyone can benefit from experiencing this powerful healing.  Certainly, those that want to delve deeper into their soul and heal that which is embedded within their cellular memories and programmes.
Consider this a multidimensional healing because it is all aspects of the self which can be impacted at once now. It is a multidimensional consciousness approach/perspective to what is a multidimensional being.  
Ancient Secrets

Health QiGong: Ba Duan Jin;
Eight Section Health Exercises

Ba Duan Jin or eight section Qigong exercises combined with bodily exercises with deep breathing, helps to get rid of the stale and take in things new and to regulate one’s psychological state.

It has been a cherished practice since ancient times. Ba Duan Jin literally means eight sections of movements. The term: Jin, in Chinese culture often also refers to something very precious such as a jewel or a brocade of silk. Deep breathing and spiritual regulation. Ba Duan Jin is one of the most popular Qigong exercises practiced worldwide.

Like all Qi Gong routines, Ba Duan Jin is a set of safe aerobic exercises. Gentle – Slow – Smooth and Consistent in nature. This type of Health Qigong can be practiced in two major positions: Standing or Sitting. The purpose of the exercises is to increase internal energy circulation through spiritual cultivation and physical exercise to improve health and fitness.

Health Qigong helps to promote:
*Fitness *Relaxation *Meditation *Improved Balance *Greater Flexibility *Strengthens Muscles *Reduced Stress Levels *Coordination Skills *Positive in Thinking *Better Breath Flow *Overall Health *Lowered stress *Enhanced mental clarity


Sacred Smudging Ceremony

The Smudging Ceremony is a sacred ritual that the Native Americans and other tribal ancestors have practiced for literally thousands of years. With the use of sacred sage for clearing, purifying, and cleansing the physical and spiritual bodies, as well as one’s home, office, land, etc., you can increase the vibration of that space, as well as bring it back to neutral.  Resulting in a space that allows for the flow of pure positive energy to circulate more freely and naturally.   
Regular purification and cleansing ceremonies help to keep one balanced and free from the denser energies that tend to accumulate when left unheeded.  A special healing takes place as a result.
Ancient Secrets
Consultations are available to support you in de-cluttering your space (home, office, land, etc.) before the Sacred Sage Ceremony is arranged.  This can be an emotional journey on its own and support and guidance is offered.
Bringing in the vibration of the Native American name and ancestry allows Theresa to tap into the energy that this holds, so that purification and healing takes place during this ceremony.
In 2019 Theresa was given a sacred Lakota name whilst participating in a Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado. The sacred name came through the Spirit of an Eagle, which was then communicated to her by the son of Wallace Black Elk who was facilitating the group. Theresa’s Lakota sacred name is Wanbli Icalu Win – meaning Eagle Fan Woman.   
Eagle energy helps teach you to embrace an elevated perspective. Facilitating and supporting these discoveries, mysteries, and patterns from an Eagle’s vantage point and guiding you toward greater spiritual wisdom and knowledge.  Encapsulating the strength and courage to speak your truth.  The Eagle Energy is part and parcel of this process. 
Ancient Secrets

Channelled Consultations

Theresa uses her ability to channel and access her acute intuition to help her clients gain more clarity and understanding around any issues and/or questions raised during the session. There is also a healing process that takes place simultaneously as soon as the words are spoken.

Theresa always follows guidance as to which direction to take each session. Some clients prefer the visual use of Angel cards, but sessions can just be purely channelled and intuitive without any tools involved.

Intuitive Life Coaching

Due to the Pandemic and earth shift in 2020, many people are uncertain about their role in today’s world. Confusion, being overwhelmed and feeling lost are but a few emotions of what seems to be prevalent now. An Intuitive/Spiritual Life Coaching session helps:

1) Identify, from the depths of your soul and from an ‘Eagle Eye’ perspective what your wants and desires are. From there we can make progression on:

2) How you can achieve this with well laid out plans of action and finally,

3) How to enjoy what you have achieved. The success is dependent on how committed you are, which requires you to be 100%. Rewards become more evident throughout our working together.
Ancient Secrets
Ancient Secrets


Reiki is a holistic, non-invasive healing treatment. The effect of this treatment, that involves gentle touch, (the Universal life force energy channelled through from the practitioner to the receiver) is to reduce stress, pain and tension while bringing a person’s system back into balance on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki treatments stimulate the body’s own innate wisdom for healing.

Who can benefit from Reiki? We can all benefit from Reiki Healing. Reiki is appropriate and suitable for people of any age, including, new-borns, children, teens adults and seniors. with a wide range of health-related issues, including: *Sports Injuries *Back Pain *Fatigue *Anxiety *Depression *Insomnia *Rheumatic Pain *Stress *Menstrual problems *Migraines *High Blood Pressure *Phobias and *Addictions

How can you experience Reiki healing? Reiki is experienced whilst the client relaxes fully clothed on a Reiki table, (like a massage table) while the practitioner lightly lays his/her hands on, engulfing the body front and back with pure Reiki energy – Reiki works on the whole body, inside and out.

The other way that one can experience Reiki is remotely.    Distance isn't a barrier for sending Reiki healing.   You can still receive a Reiki treatment beyond the limitations of time and space.   Click here to read about: The Science Behind Distant Healing

Theresa is a Certified Reiki Master and Teacher in all levels, in the following forms:

The Usui System of Natural Healing - Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki


Holy Fire III ® Reiki: Levels I, II and Master Teacher Level and Holy Fire III Karuna ® Reiki


Medical Reiki

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