If I can assist in raising consciousness, (even slightly) through my Video Blogs, then they will have served their purpose.

I decided to name my blog after my niece’s 3 year old daughter, Lotus who inspired me to write my first blog in honour of her wise words. Whilst on the phone with my niece, her daughter Lotus woke up and told her mum that she had just thanked her body for giving her a good night’s sleep. She said:

“Thank you body for giving me a good night’s sleep.”

What wise, wonderful words to say first thing in the morning to one’s body. How positive and refreshed might one feel after giving thanks to your body for giving you a good night’s sleep? For Lotus to say these words so naturally, without effort and with a knowing that somehow her body would benefit from being told this; are words instinctively spoken and which would indeed nourish the body like a blossoming Lotus flower.

When was the last time you spoke to your body – giving thanks, appreciation and nourishing words for the body to feast on?

Our bodies and the workings of our cells, organs, etc. have been with us from the day we were born – it houses our soul; it is the temple for our divine being – it holds our heart – it does so much more then we might realise and yet it probably is the last thing we take note of when it comes to thanking it, loving it, and appreciating it for all the hard work it does to keep us alive, healthy and moving in this physical form.

There have been studies to show that by speaking positive words, giving thanks and appreciation for – as an affirmation, mantra or spoken as naturally as Lotus did – will benefit and improve well-being on many levels.

In fact, the work that Dr. Emoto did in his studies on water crystals is a great example of how positive words can have such an impact and equally so, how negative words can also have an impact. Dr. Emoto took numerous photos of water crystals – after writing words such as love, thankfulness, gratitude on the containers of water and also words such as hate, war, evil, on another set of containers of water. He then took pictures of the crystals formed in these various containers of water. The pictures of crystals from the containers filled with water with positive words were beautiful, clear and well-formed. Whereas the crystals subjected to negative words were dark, shadowy and less well formed. Following on with this theme – as you know the human body is known to be contained approximately 65% water. Can you wonder therefore, about the impact of saying thankful, grateful, loving words to your body on a regular basis, what might the amazing effects be?

Perhaps we all need to take a leaf out of Little Lotus’ ‘book of wisdom’ and do as she does…waking up each morning thanking your body for a good night’s sleep! I am sure the results will be just as sparkly as the crystals in Dr. Emoto’s research.
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