If I can assist in raising consciousness, (even slightly) through my Video Blogs, then they will have served their purpose.

The information in the previous blogs will certainly be useful when dealing with CHANGE – and change is undoubtedly a popular theme for 2016. Many people are finding themselves moving home, moving to another country, changing jobs, relationships or the way that they work etc. – nevertheless with Big Change comes a great deal of mixed emotions and challenges.

How do you deal with change? Do you allow fear (ego) to come to the centre and dominate your choices or do you welcome change like you would an old friend? How easy is it to open up and allow yourself to step into the void of the unknown - without control or assurance of the outcome?

Change isn't always easy and straightforward – but it doesn't have to be complicated and difficult either. So why not approach change like you would an exciting adventure, drumming up the anticipation and excitement for many positive occurrences?

A lot of how you deal with change has to do with your attitude, (e.g. Is it optimistic or pessimistic?) your thoughts, (e.g. “Will my finances cover this transition?” and/or “What if things are worse?”) and your feelings, (e.g. fear based, anxiety, dread, etc) that you bring with you into the experience of change.

If you have read previous blogs, you will remember that being mindful of your thoughts, feelings and certainly your attitude, will assist you through this process – because whilst you are mindful, you will be able to make the adjustments needed in this area. Staying in the moment with all the happenings or even ‘non-happenings’, is very important too – because this way you won’t miss out on information that is there for you. Please don’t forget to be grateful and appreciative along the way.

Know too that you can’t control absolutely everything with change because there is so much movement and this needs to be more free-flowing. Divine guidance allows the mystery and magic to happen throughout the process. This is all part of the transition to the next stage of your life.

Someone once said that changes are ‘energy reassignments’ and that we should think of change as happening once a specific purpose has been served and that then you are able to move on to the next assignment. This is a wonderful way of looking at change! It just means that one chapter in your life closes and the next, exciting chapter opens. Doesn't that infuse excitement, thinking about change in this way? With change you will be making many decisions and choices – so once you can start getting excited about the change you are going through, making those decisions and choices, will be more joyful, exciting and positive.

So jump up and down, scream and shout that changes are afoot and get excited as you close the door behind you and enter into the door that is now seemingly more sparkly, beckoning you to enter. Go on….step through and don’t forget to put your seat-belt on because you may be going on an unforgettable ride!
© Copyright 2017 Theresa Kahn