If I can assist in raising consciousness, (even slightly) through my Video Blogs, then they will have served their purpose.

Are you receiving all that you desire? In previous Blogs, I spoke about your thoughts, feelings, being in the present moment and about change. So now I want to talk about RECEIVING! Do you allow yourself to receive?

A lot of us feel so much more comfortable with giving than receiving – but know that this is a world of giving and receiving. If you are someone who feels uncomfortable with receiving you may have some unhelpful thoughts and feelings or issues, etc. around:

* Self-love
* Self-worth
* Guilt
* Deserving

Is there a part of you that is unconsciously pushing away the receiving of your desires? If so, are you identifying with any of the aforementioned thoughts/feelings above? What can you do to get to a place of letting go of the patterns/conditioning, old beliefs, and/or unhelpful thoughts that no longer serve?

Below are just a couple of strategies to help you move to a place of RECEIVING:

Pray: Praying is certainly powerful, but you then need to accept Heaven’s help once you have asked. Take the time to listen and ask Archangel Michael and GOD to give you the sign(s) in this physical world that you will understand and notice. Or you can ask for the answers whilst you are asleep – and if you choose this method, it is best to have pen and paper by the bed so that you can immediately write the answers down when you wake up. Believe what you get….and if you get guidance which involves ‘action steps’ then be pro-active. We have to do our part and this may involve some work on self (with professional support or otherwise)….the Angelic Realm is always there for help and guidance if you ASK!

Affirmation: Another powerful technique, which involves repeating to yourself positive (and in the present moment) statements that enhance rather than deplete your confidence, energy and self. Affirmations can be stated at any time, but I like to do it first thing in the morning as part of my meditation practise. You may have your own personal affirmation, but here are some examples:

* I am worthy.
* I deserve love and happiness for who I am.
* I receive graciously as I allow myself to receive all that I ask for.
* I am worthy of having all that I desire.
* I joyfully receive.
* Abundance flows, without resistance and effortlessly into my life.
* I open my heart to receive the abundance of the Universe.

Let yourself RECEIVE: If someone offers to help you, say ‘thank you’ then YES. Make a conscious effort to say YES – no more feeling guilty for receiving help. Just remember too that if you allow yourself to be helped, you can then help others more effectively!

Ask yourself this question:

“What would someone who loves them-self do? The answer will always be to open your heart to RECEIVING ….as the Universe is providing the abundance you desire and deserve!
© Copyright 2017 Theresa Kahn