If I can assist in raising consciousness, (even slightly) through my Video Blogs, then they will have served their purpose.

Being out in nature always gives me a sense of 'connectedness', which also helps to soften me further into less resistance. To hear the breeze and rustling of the leaves all at once, is like a symphony orchestrated by nature itself. The wind blows its trumpet as the soft breeze touches my face like angel wings fanning me on a hot summers day. The exquisite colourful flowers stand out like beautiful models, strutting like peacocks as they spray their individual scent for bees to come hither.

The silence that permeates afterwards calms the air and a sigh of relief sets in as I realise that there are no thoughts thinking and I am one with all that is before me. All is still, nothing moves, yet with one swift breath from the wind starts the movement all over again – a cycle of life – energy in motion, as from the emptiness of mind comes a knowing that all is as it should be… The present is all that exits and nothing more or nothing less, but a moment in time that is a special gift for those who are open to receive.

This moment cannot be captured by a camera or contained in a jar with the lid tightly closed, as this moment is now the past and the next moment is birthed into a new present….. And in that moment there is beauty too, but a whole new set of occurrences that changes like the wind. The light from the sun, (that was once behind the clouds) highlights areas that were not seen before and the landscape changes to a new scene for my eyes to focus on – gives me another moment to appreciate and be thankful for.

I begin to further understand in that instant, how expansion is expanded by my deliberate focus, being in the present moment, together with my pure thoughts blending with that which I am a witness to; merging and becoming ONE with the CREATION and the CREATOR…a sense of awe at nature’s wonders.
© Copyright 2017 Theresa Kahn