If I can assist in raising consciousness, (even slightly) through my Video Blogs, then they will have served their purpose.

Do your Ancestors ever come to mind? Maybe you have never thought about them because they are of the past?   As the Chinese Proverb states:  

 “To forget one’s ancestors is to be 
a brook without a source,
 a tree without a root.”

I was privileged to be in attendance the other day with a small private gathering of like-minded people who were visited by Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba.  He gave Satsang (talk/spiritual truth) and Darshan (a blessing from a revered person) for those in attendance.   He spoke about many things, but one thing he said was how important it was to thank our Ancestors – and if you have a daily meditation practice, perhaps to include your thankfulness to them during this time.

Thanking our Ancestors for their contributions, evolution and for helping to pave the way for us to continue the cycle of life.    We too will become an Ancestor one day, thus setting the way forward for our children’s children and their children – (i.e. future generations) as a starting point for their contributions, visions and manifestations.

Having this perspective at the forefront makes one realise the responsibility we have to ensure that we are conscious co-creators, deliberately putting our focus on creating a world where:

  • LOVE is more prevalent than HATE /FEAR,
  • EQUALITY IS more adhered to than INEQUALITY,
  • And that Living from the HEART is of the utmost importance! 

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves too, that we are not separate from, but all part of the whole and what we think, feel and how we behave has consequences that doesn’t just affect us as individuals, but as a collective whole.  Some of our Ancestors knew this and lived accordingly.  Some indigenous tribes today live by this maxim naturally.

Make it a point, (right now if you can) to show your appreciation and thankfulness for your Ancestor’s wisdom, contributions and for their life – by just saying thank you.  

By voicing your gratitude to your Ancestors, will also reinforce the understanding that you are not alone, you never have been and you never will be, because the cycle of life is infinite, ever expanding and all inclusive. 

Thanking our Ancestors also demonstrates RESPECT, and whilst you are thanking them, why not extend your love and gratitude to Mother Earth….our Ancestor of another kind, a loving, living, breathing planet, with a heartbeat that matches our own. 

Thank you, Ancestors!
© Copyright 2017 Theresa Kahn