If I can assist in raising consciousness, (even slightly) through my Video Blogs, then they will have served their purpose.

The strong planetary energies that have recently passed, indicated that anything which was being held within and around your energy field, (such as fear, stress, resistance, old beliefs that no longer serve, etc. ) would have come up to the surface to be released and let go of. These lower energies are not in line or in harmony with the frequency of love and thus, would not be able to sit in your ‘energy field’ for long.

These intense planetary energies mean that for those consciously working on emotional clearing would have had a major opportunity for letting go and releasing…. So with that in mind, it is now an excellent time for detoxing.

I was recently in the Rocky Mountains (at a wonderful place called ‘Garden of the Gods’) and was astonished at how being in the mountains helped to release any lower energies that needed to be let go of. Having the intention of letting go and surrendering allowed for the energy of these mountains to help in the process of me coming back to my centre.

I would highly recommend taking a visit to the Rocky Mountains, (when doing any major emotional clearing) as the releasing and letting go is instantaneous and coming back to centre is akin to the Majestic Mountains in Colorado, full of strength, beauty, God’s love and grace.

As with any clearing work – going on a detox is an excellent thing to do and with that said, here are some techniques to help you along the way:

1. Sea Salt baths help to clear the energy field and it is excellent for the skin too. Add a handful of sea salt to running water. Have a good soak… and you may even find that your bath water turns somewhat murky. This is a good thing because you now know it is no longer in your energy field and is going down the drain instead.

2. Stop watching any news full of terror as it only feeds fear and stops you from moving to the frequency of love. Remember you are intending to detox not feed that which needs detoxing.

3. Stay away from negative people and places. This is a time for cleansing and the last thing that you want is to add further toxins that will need ‘washing away’.

4. Eat healthily – fresh organic foods are best, (if you can).

5. Drink plenty of water. Stay off the caffeine and alcohol whilst detoxing.

6. Meditate daily.

7. Be in nature as much as possible.

8. Listen to calming music.

9. If you can, arrange to have a massage and/or engage in daily exercise Yoga is an excellent form of exercise. Walking in nature also helps with detoxing.

10. Use visualisation. In your ‘mind’s eye’ see yourself being cleansed with purple rays (or whichever colour rays that you feel drawn to and be cleansed by). Also in your ‘mind’s eye’ see the toxins melting away, (like candle wax dripping down a candle) and going into Mother Earth as ‘she’ transmutes these toxins. (Remember to always say ‘Thank You’ for taking these toxins and transmuting them for you).

11. Call upon your Guardian Angels/Archangels to help you with detoxing. The Angelic Realm cannot interfere with your free will, so you will need to ask for their assistance and guidance. In fact, the clearer you become, the more you will be able to ‘hear and feel’ the angels in your life. (Always say ‘Thank You’ at the end for the work that the Angels helped you with.)

12. If you are trained in Reiki, give self-healing on a daily basis. Reiki is an excellent form of healing that automatically goes to any imbalances and blockages. Hence, a wonderful technique to implement for clearing away lower energies and helping with detoxing.

13. Purchase a smudge stick and smudge your home and self. American Indians use smudge sticks for their ceremonies and other uses. It is a bundle containing dried sage and/or lavender. Once lit, you allow the smoke from the smudge stick to permeate areas in your home, including yourself. This results in a clearing away of stuck energies, leaving the home and you feeling more cleansed.

14. You may even get an urge to clear the clutter in your house or flat. This can coincide with your internal clearing for maximum benefit.

15. Try to limit the time on your digital devices.

16. Be mindful of your thoughts at this time, as well as your reaction/behaviour to challenging situations. Remember you are detoxing, not filling up your mind with more to detox.

17. Use your crystals, (with the intention of helping you to detox), however make sure you cleanse them before you put your intentions into your crystals and of course after you have completed your detoxing.

As you can see, there are numerous ways to help you detox and to feel cleansed inside and out. Whichever techniques that you choose, just know that it will bring about a happier and healthier ‘new you’, with increased vitality, clarity and an abundant source of ‘lighter energy’ that will leave you ‘Shining Bright like a Diamond’!
© Copyright 2017 Theresa Kahn