"There are many perceptions - which perception do you choose to view from? One of fear or one of love? You are more powerful then you give yourself credit for!"

T. Kahn

Due to the current Health Crisis, all Angel Inuitive Readings/Healing , will be conducted online, until further notice. 

Energy Intuitive Readings/Healing

As an Energy Intuitive Reader, (as well as being an empath) Theresa will read your energy and uses her intuition to download messages for you.  She also acts as a conduit for messages from the ‘Angelic Realm’.  Guidance is always provided with healing steps (work required) for you to implement with issues you have inquired about.

Messages are always comforting, uplifting and empowering. A reading is also encouraging and helpful. Although having an Energy Intuitive Reading is reassuring, comforting and insightful; healing at a much deeper level is also taking place simultaneously and thereafter.

Depending on which issues you would like to work on, guidance, help and assistance from the ‘Angelic Realms’ is followed with regards the tools, techniques and/or skills used in the session, (e.g. guided visualisations, cord cutting, etc.).

It is important to remember: You always have free will and will decide when, and if, you wish to move with the messages given.


- Feeling empowered
- Leaving with life-affirming messages
- Leaving with Spiritual Tools
- Leaving with insights and a clearer understanding with regards self and the issue(s)/challenge(s) addressed in the session

Extra Information:
Included in the Energy Intuitive Reading/healing is a Personal Development Plan; a detailed summary of the session and ways to move forward.  This is sent to you via an email, (as an attachment) within 48 hours of your session.

"I find the personal development plans that Theresa produces after a reading are a hugely useful resource. The reading resonates very clearly at the time and thanks to the notes Theresa provides, I am able to keep drawing on that insight weeks or even months later. It’s like being given a really useful tool that stays with you, one you can pick up and use whenever you need it.” Many thanks, Stu

Energy Intuitive Readings/Healing can be conducted via: TelephoneSkype, Facetime, Whatsapp, or as a One-to-one.   Please send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need further information on the above.

Just some of the testimonials given after having an Energy Intuitive Reading/Healing:

  • "Yesterday I got given a cheque for £5,000 - Fabulous! Wow for your reading....!! Looking forward to meeting my husband...woohoo!!"

    Jackie | Somerset, England
  • "Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening angel reading....very loving and full of invaluable guidance. Thank you angels and archangels for your loving help and guidance."

  • "I felt a special connection, warmth and glowing feeling in my body. I really felt that my angels were watching over me. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

  • "Very lovely, thank you Theresa. Thank you Divine Ones."

  • "I found Theresa's reading excellent in every way. She is perceptive and the message come LOUD AND CLEAR THROUGH THE angel cards. God Bless you Theresa - Love and Light."

  • "Insight was great....thank you so much!"

  • "Wow, very touching. This rang so much truth from within. I will continue meditating. Thanks for my messages."

  • "Before I go into detail, I just want to say thank you. I approached this with no expectations and a full willingness to absorb and take in whatever was to come my way. Wow, I didn't expect this. The gentleness and softness around the reading added that extra 'magic' to what was a great experience. The cards flowed in sequence, my visions became clear and with your intuitive reading, the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together. At first I felt quite overwhelmed with the physical sensations of healing taking place but with your guidance, I was able to relax and enjoy the process. Your session definitely released something within me giving me greater clarity and confirmation about the life ahead of me. With full comfort in knowing that there is 'guidance' to call upon as and when I need it. I'm looking forward to the journey."

    Yvonne, London
  • "The reading was very helpful in these hard and sad times I am having. Very happy for the messages I got from the angels. Thank you for the guidance. xx"

  • "I found that I had more clarity and guidance where I need to be going."

  • "Your right about the angel reading.....I got the answer....."

  • "Thank you so much! Very good reading and lovely lady! x"

  • "I was able to relate to all that was said."

  • "Very helpful - such a strong message!" Naomi"Many thanks, Theresa - It was a very helpful reading about my career and very accurate. Many thanks."

  • "I wanted clarity and positive thinking - which was achieved and I really enjoyed the experience....I would definitely recommend a friend."

  • "I received clarity about my career and where I am going; this was definitely achieved. I was very happy with my reading. A lot of questions were answered."

  • "The reading applied to my current situation. I have been questioning my intuition a lot lately....Today the angels gave me guidance and confirmed for me! THANKS"

  • "Your session definitely released something within me giving me greater clarity and confirmation about the life ahead of me. With full comfort in knowing that there is 'guidance' to call upon as and when I need it. I'm looking forward to the journey.

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