"Open yourself up to the possibility of greatness by surrendering to change."

T. Kahn

Due to the current Health Crisis, all Intuitive Life Coaching will be conducted online, until further notice.

Intuitive Life Coaching

An Intuitive Life Coach helps you to appreciate the spiritual dimension to your life. Living, loving and working from heart-space. Developing your center of authenticity, enabling you to truly become all that you strive for.

Extra Information:
Included in an Intuitive Life Coaching Session, is a Personal Development Plan (Brief Summary) of each session. This is sent to you via an attachment within 48 hours of each session.

Intuitive Life Coaching can help with:

- Being Authentic
- Your journey of self-discovery
- Being in well-ness: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually
- Your Life Purpose
- Positive Life Changes
- Working from Heart Space: Loving Kindness
- Being Honest
- Being in Touch with your Feelings
- Owning and taking Responsibility of your Self-Care
- Working with a Skill that Works
- Having Healthy Boundaries
- Being Empowered
- Having Balance and Being in Harmony
- Being able to say NO without guilt
- Being able to change EGO space to LOVE space
- Being able to Discern without Judgement


  • "In the short time that I worked with Theresa, I was able to make some significant milestones in my life’s inner work. Theresa is an exceptional and talented coach- highly astute, perceptive, observant and intuitive. These personal qualities combined with her knowledgable approach enabled me to make critical conscious shifts in my relating to self and therefore others. I’ve since come into my own truth, joy, empowerment, courage and compassion. Heartfelt thanks, Theresa."

    Taniya - (In Education)
  • "I find the personal development plans are extremely useful to reflect on and gain a further understanding of each session that I have with Theresa. It is wonderful to see my progression and development. A wonderful record too, to see all the work and determination that I have done to make the changes needed to live a happier life. A Big Thank You, Theresa!"

    Rebecca Getty
  • "I took Reiki level I and II with Theresa Kahn and she is very skilled as well as qualified, and professional. It was a very good experience learning from her. She is a sensitive and positive person. Now I use Reiki in my everyday life and it has been giving me a new source of energy and strength."

    Laura Turinetto - Language Teacher
  • "Theresa has worked with me since November of last year. Theresa's coaching has transformed my life into one of peace and joy. I can now see things as they really are. I highly recommend Theresa - her professional approach and her personal commitment delivers successful outcomes."

    Gerry, Senior Director of Civil Engineering Projects

Intuitive Life Coaching may be face-to-face in Maida Vale, London Marbella, Southern Spain, or Colorado Springs via:

- Telephone
- Skype
- Whatsapp
- Face Time or any other device that’s available

Your initial assessment of 15 mins is FREE and if you want to commit to working together for a further series of sessions, (a minimum of 4 sessions and ideally for at least 3 months to make the ultimate progress) we can arrange payment for this via Paypal prior to the session.

There will be a ‘working together’ contract/document that we will both sign prior to the commencement of your initial session.

Please take note that cancellations with less than 24 hours-notice will be charged at the full rate.

For further information and to make an appointment, please send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need further information on the above.

"Theresa's coaching has helped me form a much clearer path as to where I want to go in life. I had been trying to decide what I wanted to do having been in a stressful and full on career path. I had a big problem with work-life balance and wanted to explore my options. Theresa first helped me by assessing the situation and giving me ideas on the different options I could take. She then assigned me 'tasks' every session which has enabled me to make great progress in the direction that I wished to go. Theresa is very knowledgeable about careers and business and is able to give you lots of great suggestions that will enable you to go and reach your full potential."
James - Teacher
"I have always found that talking to someone who is objective and not judgemental has been a huge help in giving me focus in my life. As with all things it is necessary to find the right person; someone you feel cares and is not afraid to give an opinion and can help you find some peace. I always left Theresa's sessions feeling more calm and determined and she would give me a gentle push in directions which perhaps I would not have considered going on my own. I would certainly recommend her and her services to anyone who is prepared to take up the challenge of living their life to their fullest but could really use some practical and sympathetic support in doing this."
Nina - Dental Practice

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