Theresa Khan ProfileI have always been interested in the human mind, all things spiritual and from the heart; together with how these aspects of us are integrated. Having been brought up in a family that was often travelling the world, helped me to fully appreciate the depth and beauty of human nature. Throughout my journey in life, I've developed a broad range of skills, knowledge and understanding that have helped me to guide, inspire and motivate others.

I was recently given a sacred Lakota name whilst participating in a sacred ceremony in the mountains of Colorado. The sacred name came through the spirit of an eagle, which was then communicated to me by the son of Wallace Black Elk who was facilitating the group. My Lakota sacred name is Wanbli Icalu Win – meaning Eagle Fan Woman. I will use this name as and when guided to, certainly when I am with my Lakota friends participating in further ceremonies, and when I do certain parts of my own work. It is a great honour and one that won’t be taken lightly.

My training in education brought me to teaching in Further Education, with students from many countries, cultures and faith backgrounds. I became coordinator of projects with the National Probation Services, Health and Social Care Services - helping to bring education to those unable to ‘fit into the more traditional way of learning’, eventually gaining qualifications and employment. I have now left the more conventional working life and now devote my time to my Health, Wellbeing Consultancy, offering a range of therapeutic interventions.

I studied Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki for several years successfully completing Levels I and II, eventually through time, training to Master Teacher Level. Several years after that, I undertook training in Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki and eventually trained in the energy and teaching of Holy Fire® Reiki Levels I and II. I now offer treatments and training in all levels of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki,(the more traditional form of Reiki), Holy Fire® Reiki and Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki. Always learning and opening more to this loving, light, and healing energy.

As an Energy Intuitive Reader, I tap into the lighter and loving energy of angels, guides and ascended masters. Their guidance, inspirational and healing messages come from a higher realm – a place of unconditional love. Working with the Lighter Angelic Realms has proved to be very rewarding and beneficial for both myself and the clients that I work with.

Further training and development led me to Organisational Stress Management, Problem Focused Counselling & Performance Coaching. Through my work and client experiences throughout the many years I have been practising, I have now developed this into Spiritual/Intuitive Life Coaching which focuses more on the spiritual dimension of our lives. Having also trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, (co-founder of NLP), subsequently becoming a licensed NLP Practitioner.

I am also qualified in the instruction of several meditation techniques and practice daily. I use meditation as a strategy for those clients experiencing stress, anxiety and in need of inner peace by going within.

Together with the above, I am a Co-Director of Calibre Gold Ltd a Training, Consultancy and Medico Legal Services Company; as well as Co-Director of CG Forensic Mental Health Services where I provide Coaching and Medical Reiki for both.

Whichever method(s) the client’s bespoke session covers, I always create a safe heart-space environment, allowing the individual to peel away that which is no longer needed and working constructively. Thereby enabling the client to live authentically and in accordance with and from ‘their HEART’.

A registered member of:

  • Complementary Therapist Association (The Professional Association for Complementary Therapists)
  • UK Reiki Federation (Setting the Standards for Reiki in the UK)
  • The International Center for Reiki Training (USA – William Lee Rand)
  • The Guild of Therapy Lecturers
  • Fully Insured with the Holistic Insurance Services
I continue to further my development in both 'mind' and heart' and to this end, I am dedicated in providing excellence in both my practice, consultancy and teaching, thus providing a high quality and professional service to clients and students alike. Using my extensive skills, experience and understanding, I am able to promote progress, personal growth, and spiritual development. Embracing one’s authentic self is the added bonus!
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