Theresa Kahn


About me

In the Beginning

Thus far, it has been an incredible journey through life with its challenges, obstacles, and great insights gained on the way. I began both my life and spiritual journey from when I was born in West Germany in a military hospital outside of Wiesbaden, Air Force Base.  My father was in the U.S. Air Force.  Children born from military parents were considered military brats. I suspect that was the case because we were given the opportunity to travel the world, see how others lived, learn about different cultures, peoples, and religions.  We were certainly spoiled in that way.   It was a very colourful upbringing, having had the opportunity to live in and travel to so many countries.

After my father’s deployment in West Germany and where I was born, we moved to France for several years, then Japan for a further 5 years, then back again to Germany for another 5 years, where I completed my high school years.  Those experiences certainly gave me the impetus and even perhaps memories from past lives as being a traveller and explorer of sorts.  I grew to love traveling because it opened my eyes to a greater world where endless possibilities were reachable.

Navigating My Way Through Life in London

I was never a child to follow the crowd, always an observer and very curious. I was born extremely sensitive, an empath, very intuitive, which was both a help and a hinder as I navigated my way through life. 

When we finally moved back to America after spending most of my early years overseas, I could feel almost immediately and instinctively I would not remain in America for long. I was being ‘called’ back to Europe and when an opportunity arose in the form of studying as an exchange student in London, England, at the University of London, there was no way that I was going to ignore this inner pull.  London was to become my home and has been my base since I arrived those 30+ years ago. 

Living in Europe gave me the space to spread my wings, further my life experiences and delve deeper into my spiritual quest.   As we all go through this unique time in history with the world changing so rapidly, it is also an opportune time to explore and expand by joining together in our spiritual journey through meditation, healing, and discovery.  

Allow Me to Reach Out My Hand and Open Heart to You

I have been immensely blessed that my studies and experiences, in Education, Holistic Healing, Meditation, Spiritual and Personal Development have led me to teaching, facilitating, coaching, and mentoring, as well as being able to offer a beautiful array of ‘Energy- Based Interventions’.

Clients, students, and those wanting spiritual guidance have come to me from all walks of life, from different belief systems, gender preferences, professions, and cultures. It has always been an enormous pleasure to learn from one another and share our commonality; an invisible thread that binds us together, through our desire for inner peace, comfort, good health, and above all, LOVE!  


I continue to work in this way and so grateful to offer my expertise to those who are genuinely committed in wanting to make this world a better place, by having the deep desire to do the inner work needed for healthy, conscious positive change.  

Please allow me to reach out my hand and open heart to you, creating sacred space, as we walk this path together, exploring, visioning, and discovering the infinite that lies within you!

“Let’s explore, vision and discover the infinite that lies within you!”

"Use your inner
knowing as a compass
to explore the vastness that lies within you!  There is no
more searching." 
~Theresa Kahn